2020 Restrospect

2020 was a busy year due to company work and personal reasons.


  • Zer0pts CTF 1st (Team god_shpik)
  • Volga CTF Quals 5th (Team Yurucamp Hackers)
  • 0CTF Quals 1st (Team koreanbadass)
  • TSG CTF 5th (Team Shimarin Fan Club)
  • Interkosen CTF 1st (Team hypwnlab)
  • Cyber Operations Challenge CTF Quals 6th, Finalist (Team 승객들)
  • SECCON CTF 8th (Team Disaster-level Hacker Laboratory)
  • TrendMicro CTF Quals 6th, Finalist (Team ReverseLab)
  • Harekaze Mini CTF 1st (Team NekoLover)


  • Bingo CTF in PoC Conference (Team hypwnlab)
    • Whale Rice: CSS
    • Simple Memo: Uninitialize Stack
    • Simple Game: C++
  • H University CTF (Team ReverseLab)
    • ???: Apache, SSRF
    • ???: Nginx, ACL Bypass